Protein fasting terrifies me. Whenever I do one, I usually spend a few days oscillating between confidence and an utter lack of spine. My mind tells me that protein fasting will not be… Continue reading

First Kill: Steamed Lobster with Rice and Avocado

Last week, I asked my fishmonger about the lobster. I buy 12 clams from her every week. It costs $5.00. When thinking about a nutrient-dense diet, bivalves are sustainable and incredibly nutritious, so… Continue reading

Marinated Steamed Clams with Kalamata Olives, Capers, and Lemon

I am really excited right now. Not only is my oyster farmer really, really close to his Kickstarter goal (which you should all donate to so I can get kelp noodles!), but I get to… Continue reading

Nourishing CSA Soups: Coconutty Kale Soup

To save myself from the meat-and-veggies skillet problem, I had the brilliant idea of doing a meat-and-veggies skillet, scooping out the meat, and pureeing the veggies with bone broth and some healthy fats.… Continue reading

Wild Ramp, Beet, and Liver Skillet

Ramp season has just ended. It makes me feel sad. Ramps are one of my favorite Alliums: Allium tricoccum. They taste like a combination of scallions, leeks, and fresh garlic. I spent about… Continue reading

Umeboshi and Red Wine Vinaigrette, CSA Blessings, and the Art of Not Making Decisions

The news is filled with information about willpower right now. We know that it is finite and that each decision we make takes willpower out of the same decision-making bank. People who have… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Kelp!

When I got my first CSF share this year, it contained a bag of kelp. Let’s collectively take a moment to rejoice in the iodine deficiency that this will help me ward off.… Continue reading

Spicy Garam Masala Popcorn

I felt so much angst over this popcorn. This is my first CSA share. It provided an acceptable number of vegetables. I also bought some other things, namely stinging nettles and wasabi sprouts,… Continue reading

Open-Faced Omelette with Goat Cheese and Provincial Lavender

Librarians are very particular people, and I am no exception. I love organizing things. I love planning and managing things. I love being asked questions and helping people discover answers. There is a… Continue reading

Peppery Cilantro, Lemon, and Olive Oil Sauce for Oysters

I’m taking a MOOC called Introduction to Sustainability right now, and it only has me 1000% more stoked about the oyster CSF I have joined. Some of the following trivia comes from a… Continue reading